I had a work conference in Albuquerque which was amazingly productive and inspiring. However, it was hard being away from home for five (almost six) nights. I missed my family, and I felt bad about being gone so long.

I got back on Sunday night so late, it might as well have been Monday. To avoid more trauma I skipped yoga Monday altogether. Tuesday, I had a full day of work. Meanwhile, it’s the boys’ spring break. Wednesday, we finally state vacation together. We took the ferry to New Jersey and settled in for Easter at the beach. It’s been fun to be together.

I’ll write more about everything soon I hope, but a few little things to note.

Harlan has learned to climb out of his crib! I guess it’s time for another baby barrier to fall.

We finally saw some kids at the zoo with the haircut Seamus and Gilbert seem to be aspiring to. Mostly they’ve just refused haircuts claiming they want to grow their hair out, but it looks shaggy. So now we know: a sort of feathered look.

Porter continues to be his cute and sunny self. He plays well by himself but he also enjoys getting another brother to join his game.

It’s nice to all be back together!


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