The boys were so happy to see each other when everyone was reunited. There were hugs and lots of silliness. Of course, they were also happy to see Patrick and me, but they couldn’t get enough of each other. Seamus and Gilbert had their Mandarin class on Wednesday, and I went to pick them up. I said, “I’m going to get your brothers,” when Porter asked where I was going. He said, “Oh, good. I love Seamus. He’s so nice to me.” I passed that on to Seamus, and Gilbert came home so solicitous toward Porter. He really wants Porter to say that about him.

Harlan entertained Seamus and Gilbert all the way home. Seamus was talking about a YouTube star that everyone at school likes–Jake Paul or something like that. Harlan said, “Cheeseball?” and they cracked up! Then they got him to say it more and call each of them a cheeseball. Then Seamus mused that Jake Paul probably is a cheeseball, and that’s why people like him. I don’t know. It sounds weird–jumping off of roofs and stuff.

Seamus has been enjoying his basketball practice. I finally got a chance to take him last night. He does listen to the coach (something we wanted for him to get to experience) and he seems to enjoy playing as a team.

Heads up and dribble!
Harlan sweeps up the fireplace.

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