Cape Cod: The Drive North

On Tuesday, we took the three older children bowling, which is it’s own blog post, but I probably won’t write it. The best part was Porter doing his happy dance and lugging the ball around. The worst part was a stunning display of bad sportsmanship.

In the afternoon, we packed our bins. A blogger I follow talked about packing in bins for family trips, and it made sense to me, so I have been doing that for road trips ever since. It’s just so much easier than suitcases, partly because you can see what’s in them, for starters. We can fit five bins in the van, but we only need four usually. This year, we still needed the stroller and pack n play, but that will eventually end.

What time did we leave? 4:00 am! Or, precisely 4:12. Google maps said 8 hours 8 minutes, but it took us 9 hours 20 minutes of driving time. The kids were as good as we’ve ever seen them in the car. We made four stops and things remained harmonious. We stopped at Babies R Us because we realized we forgot to pack shoes for Harlan!

What did they do? They read, played with Brainquest workbooks, played with stuffed animals, listened to Third Grade Angels and a book about the Negro Baseball Leagues, slept, talked to each other some, and snacked. It was a long drive, but it didn’t seem so bad. Porter (almost 3) sits in the back with Seamus (8) who helps unbuckle him, reads to him, plays with him, and gives him snacks. Gilbert (6) rides in the middle row with Harlan (15 months) and plays with him and gives him snacks. Gilbert also reports on Harlan’s sleep patterns. Seamus and Porter both fell asleep without the need to wake each other up. Gilbert didn’t get carsick, so we considered that success.

What time did we arrive? 3:00 pm!

This morning, they were up early (of course!) and so we went to our favorite early morning beach. Lighthouse Beach provides a view of fishing boats going out, seals swimming and sunning, and lots of shells. The water is always freezing. We observed an amazing rip current this morning, and the boys asked a lot of questions about it.

The tie dye project turned out!

Porter was in his element. Gilbert complained for a bit of a stomach ache, but seemed to recover by the time we returned to the car. The pretty rocks he found helped. Seamus is a water dog. Even though it was cold, he was drawn magnetically to the water and the only place we made him get out was where the current was pulling hard. It helped that we made him wear his clothes.

Brothers on the beach.

We came back for second breakfast and another excursion to a pond beach they could swim in. There they spent hours making sand castles and talking about their impact factor. They really meant compacting the sand, but I only tried to correct the word choice once. When Seamus’s castle fell, I said, “I guess you’re not much of an engineer.” He retorted, “I’m investigating and changing the water and sand amounts for better impact factor, and it will be better this time. That makes me an engineer. Investigate and adjust.” I was put in my place!



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