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School’s Out and Summer Has Arrived! June 26, 2017

The boys were excited to be done with their school year, even though they’d had lots of fun in the last week(s) of school. It’s a little adjustment around the house to have them home. Mostly I notice the noise and the interruptions to when I’m doing stuff that has to be done, like making breakfast, doing dishes, changing the laundry. We’ve been encouraging Seamus and Gilbert to pitch in, especially if they want something from us. They’ve taken to going outside to play to get out of doing the work. Not too often, but occasionally. However, there’s also small chores to do outside, so we’ve got them coming and going! The other biggest challenge is Porter. He’s used to having a lot of attention and conversely, quiet independent playtime. With the older boys home, someone is always around to play with, but someone is also likely to take away a toy you’re enjoying, or sit on the couch cushion you were using. That will even out and he’ll miss them when they go to camp or back to school, but it is an adjustment period. Porter is excited for his own school adventure, and a few days ago, we peeked in the window of his preschool room. He was thrilled to see a little kitchen, and a firetruck, and lots of books.

Last Day of School!

I committed to getting to the pool every day it’s been sunny and we don’t have other plans in stone. I’ve done pretty well with this, and I think it means that Gilbert doesn’t need lessons this year, because he’s getting better just being in the pool and practicing on his own. They never want to get out, even when they’re blue! Porter asks to go swimming all the time, and Harlan is a fool for water. Do not turn your back on him in the vicinity of the pool: he heads straight for the water…usually via the stairs.

School’s out, swim all day!

And I have set up the kiddie pool for the backyard.

It’s a hit! Round two.

Having Porter and Harlan this summer is a big contributor to my sense of memory and doing it all over again. We’ve watched an old video where Gilbert gets upset with Seamus for taking something from him and says, “NO SAMEOUS” and today, Harlan took something from Porter, and Porter said, “NO SAMEOUS!” with the same intonation. Tonight, we watched the end of Cars, maybe in preparation to go see Cars 3, but maybe not. After it was over, Porter cried a bit and climbed on my lap. He said, “I’m not sleepy at all!” and then he laid his head on me and sighed. Then he laid over on the couch, yawned and rubbed his eyes and repeated his mantra. I wish I had a video of that I could show him in the future! It was endearing, even it was a little frustrating, since he still needed to go to bed right away.

Harlan said “No” today. It was inevitable. He also can get out of (both!) of the backyard gates, so extra patrolling is required. We’ve had the girl next door babysit him and Porter together and tomorrow, she’s doing Harlan by himself, so here’s hoping he gets his fill of attention. We’ve used babysitting so far to do individual projects with the older kids. Patrick and Gilbert went to the auto store and then changed the oil. Seamus and I walked to the library with me watching him navigate. He’s been begging to walk places by himself. Seamus is dying for the independence of a 12 year old, but we’re still working on judgement, problem solving, and attention to detail. It is fascinating how the desire for independence manifests in each of the ages we have at home right now, and how it will change with each child’s wishes and needs.

Since school let out, we’ve gone swimming, had playdates, gone to a party, had friends join us for dinner, played in the backyard, signed up for summer reading, prepped and stored CSA bounty for our trip, and gone for a nature walk at Huntley Meadows. At the wetlands, we saw a nice array of wildlife and especially animals that are featured in the Franklin the Turtle books. Porter loved it, even though Gilbert kept taunting him that he wouldn’t see any bears. In the wild we did see a heron, turtles (painted and snapping), beaver dams, a frog, some geese and goslings, tadpoles, dragonflies, some orioles, and hawks. They were enthralled.

Porter walked the whole way.


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