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Seamus’s Birthday–Eight! April 26, 2017

Filed under: Family Life,Growing up — leighj @ 10:16 am

For Seamus’s birthday, he’s having a lot of experiences. We got him one present (a Perplexus Epic) which is a sort of maze/labyrinth. He was pretty excited (haha):


Although, Gilbert really wanted to open it for him. Porter kept alternating between yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAMUS!” and “Can I have a croissant?” Seamus requested chocolate croissants for breakfast, Three Ingredient Brownies for school treat, Charthouse date with Dada, and bowling with friends. We’ll be working on this for a while.

I can’t believe he’s eight. We’re so happy to have him, even if he was arguing this morning that he won’t be eight until later this afternoon. Mr. Bean Counter. So I one upped him and told him that the time zone different meant he had to wait two more hours than he thought! I don’t think I’m setting a good example for not bean counting…


2 Responses to “Seamus’s Birthday–Eight!”

  1. denpq Says:

    Happy Birthday, Seamus! Please wish him the best birthday from us! xxDenise

  2. Linda StClair Says:

    Time zone thing was pretty funny. Happy birthday, Seamus!

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