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A Weekend Away–Skiing with Kids February 13, 2017

The kids have the first weekend in February as a long weekend. The first year they were in school, we didn’t realize that was the case, but ever since, we’ve put it on the calendar and tried to make the most of it. This year, we took them out to Bryce Mountain for some skiing and fun. It was a blast. I ended up taking Porter and Harlan down to the Children’s Museum in Harrisonburg. Porter loved playing on the train, in the ambulance, and with the chicken eggs. We put on a puppet show and pretended to be TV newscasters. He was terrified of the large mouth of teeth! Harlan also enjoyed himself. In the grand tradition of Children’s museums, I had a child throw a tantrum upon the need to leave.

Porter is generally cooperative, but when he’s not, it’s a sight. We were leaving the museum, and I had a hold of his arm. I had to let him go to readjust my grip on Harlan. Porter took the opportunity to bolt back down the street and around the corner to the museum! He also bolted another time when I told him “No gumballs” at the entrance to a Food Lion. It’s unexpected because it’s new behavior, so I have to fight the urge to laugh with the imperative to engage cooperation. One of the parenting points in the How to Talk book is engaging cooperation. Usually, I can manage that technique with each kid, even though it sometimes requires a step back and extra thought.

On our weekend away, Seamus and Gilbert really enjoyed skiing. They especially liked the individual attention they got, eventually moving off the bunny slope onto the big hill. I have some cute pictures, but they’re not accessible to me at the moment, so I’ll post some later. They both took some falls, but we tell them that in skiing, if you’re not falling, you’re not getting better. We also had a day of skiing with their cousins, which was fun. It was warm and sunny, and I took the younger boys to meet up and bring some snacks slope side. We enjoyed watching them and picking them out as they skied down. Bryce is a great place to learn because it wasn’t too cold and the mountain is very manageable.

It is a ridiculous thing to take kids skiing, but it was so fun and will be a great memory.


2 Responses to “A Weekend Away–Skiing with Kids”

  1. Linda StClair Says:

    Considering your parents’ occupation I think it hilarious that one of your children got frightened by the scary mouth. About taking children skiing, do you remember when we all went as a family? It snowed 4 feet in one night on that Taos trip. It buried the rental car.

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