Back to School

I’m back at work!

Porter is definitely two and a half. He is mostly sunny and happy and talkative and cooperative, but he does have his moods. He likes the tag reader, playing with his cars on the couch, Elmo, hanging out with Harlan and his other brothers. He likes soy sauce on everything, and in the morning if we make PB&J for Seamus and Gilbert’s lunch, he wants one too! For breakfast. Which he doesn’t get. He loves his Spanish class, and every now and then says something like, “Me llamo Porter.”

Harlan is standing for extended periods of time. He hasn’t walked yet, but he’s balancing on his own. He also waves, claps his hands, says “Hi,” Mama and Dada, says MMMM and mo for food. He’s starting to eat a lot more food.

Gilbert and Seamus are working on making paper airplanes all the time. We did haircuts and played outside a lot this weekend. We did a family hike, and planned some fun for the summer.



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