Welcome to 2017

We didn’t make resolutions this year. We barely acknowledged the flip of the calendar.

It snowed over the weekend, and the three older boys loved playing in the snow. Porter was a trooper, but finally he came in and announced that his hands were “freezing!” I’m glad we have so many hand me downs from friends. It means we’re well stocked on snow bibs, snow boots, and mittens/hats/scarves.

I took Seamus and Gilbert shopping for shirts for Seamus and shoes for Gilbert. It was a perfectly miserable experience, despite the fact that we successfully accomplished our goals. It was hot, and we had trouble with Gilbert’s sizing. He ended up getting girls’ shoes that fit him perfectly and were in the range of price I’m willing to spend on shoes he’ll either destroy or outgrow. They’re yellow and coral. He loves them.

Porter and Harlan have been playing together a lot lately. It all works out until Harlan tries to take Porter’s cars. Then it’s not so easy to get along. Harlan has been letting go. Standing and letting go. The baby days do go fast (but also slow…).

I don’t really have much to report. School starts soon, and I’ll be back in the groove. I was bummed to miss the family part over the weekend.


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  1. I didn’t go to the family event either. There was snow and cold and the drive was probably too long for my achy elbows.

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