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An Experiment December 30, 2016

Filed under: Family Life,Growing up,Holidays — leighj @ 11:07 am

We’re coming down off the Christmas excitement, but we’ve also embarked on a small experiment. Gilbert is going to spend two nights away from the whole family at his Nana and PopPop’s. We figured one kid at a time could go away. Gilbert asked to go first, so we said okay. Seamus will go inauguration weekend, when he has a Friday off from school. I remember spending the night with my relatives as a kid, and it was always fun to be the only child for a few days. So, we’ll see how it goes! (With all parties!)

Porter has learned a lot of words while Seamus and Gilbert have been home. We’ve heard: Mine. Go away. Don’t bother me. Get off me. Move away. Stop. Don’t. No, I do it. Help me. Most of these are directed at Seamus or Gilbert, and yet, he does have to tell Harlan sometimes too. However, he and Harlan are playing much more nicely together than they have in the past. It’s fun to see, and it’s almost a reboot of Seamus and Gilbert as kids, except Porter is more assertive and Harlan is not quite as insistent.

I took the tree down today. I like the tree, but it always feels like a new house to get the Christmas stuff put away.

There are a hundred things I’ve thought of lately, like “Oh, I want to put that in the blog” but I can’t remember any of them right now…


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