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Cancelled Plans (Or How Four Children Ruin Your Social Life) November 27, 2016

Filed under: Family Life,Fourth Baby,Friends and Relatives,Growing up — leighj @ 1:46 pm

I am well know for what we call over-scheduling–packing too many events to comfortably participate in into too little time. I have been working on this for the last several years. I have finally met my match. For the last five weekends, I have cancelled plans with friends and family because one of the kids (or me or Patrick) has been sick. I wouldn’t allow any sickness to get us down. Oh no. Instead we’ve had fever or vomiting in various combinations on one of the family for the last many weekends. If someone had a birthday party that only affected them, I did allow them to go if they were well. That was it.

I remember reading an article recently about how cell phones make it easy to make plans and then easy to cancel plans since there’s no need to talk to people. It also had something about how cancelled plans make people feel good, like they got extra time back. It makes me feel no such way. I’m just annoyed that my kids are sick and that we’ve had to cancel so often that I feel like I haven’t kept up with anyone at all.

I’m really hoping we’re better after Thanksgiving weekend.


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