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October and Fall is Here October 15, 2016

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We’ve had back to school nights, fall break, and a change in air and temperatures. Harlan is starting to eat solid food (and undergo a major sleep regression).



Gilbert’s teacher does this cute thing with names and each student gets to come up with the words to describe themselves. Seamus also got to do it last year. Back to school night was fun, but I wish Patrick and I both could have gone to Gilbert’s class too.



They had an ice skating birthday party to go go to. I was pretty impressed that they stayed with it for so long, despite falling, and just not being very good at it. I always enjoyed that though.

Porter's a biker-dude!

Porter’s a biker-dude!

He’s been riding to the park, to the bus stop, and he rode all the way to Harris Teeter recently. He’s gotten fast–which is a little unpredictable and scary in traffic.

Baby Downward Dog!

Baby Downward Dog!

Harlan is really trying to pull up, and he can crawl kind of quickly now, which means the boys’ room is not a safe place. He does this funny downward dog move, and he also does a “Funny face” where he grins, squints his eyes, and throws his head back.

Walnut bowling!

Walnut bowling!

This kind of speaks for itself! But you collect walnuts and roll them down the street.

At the zoo.

At the zoo.

They are sort of looking at the camera….


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