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Quick Thoughts September 22, 2016

Filed under: Family Life,Growing up — leighj @ 11:01 am
  1. Gilbert lost a tooth! His first one. He asked the tooth fairy for his money in quarters.
  2. Harlan can push himself into a seated position. I’m finding it easy to set aside the baby stuff (bouncy seat, playmat, Bumbo) that he’s growing out of, but I need somebody to give it to…
  3. Porter is talking a lot! Now we have two and three word ideas strung together. The other day we were out for a family walk and he pointed to a Toyota Highlander and said, “Grandude’s car!” I can’t even do that.
  4. Seamus continues to listen to books on CD. The big question I have is whether to let him listen to Superfudge, by Judy Blume. There’s a chapter about Santa being the parents…

I’m having a lot of angst about a lot of different things, but they’re all pretty boring and would end up being TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) so I’m holding off.


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