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Obviously, I’m Back to Work September 16, 2016

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I can’t get a blog post out to save my life. Tonight, Patrick took sons 1-3 camping. Littlest dude fell asleep at 5:30. I’m going to pay for that later, I’m sure.

Sitting at the big boy table!

Sitting at the big boy table!

Patrick upgraded Harlan to the big boy table. Porter gets a booster. The other boys play musical chairs. I just want to shovel my food in. Family dinner time is necessary (not overrated) but wow. It’s a lot of work. I guess it’s worth it for these cutey faces at the table too.

The case of the orange.

The case of the stolen orange(s).

I remarked (casually and off-handedly) that some oranges looked good at the Marriott. My family then proceeded to take all they could carry (to make fun of me???). Anyway, they made for some good juice and muffins.

A cure for the gimmes.

A cure for the gimmes.

Oh, how shopping with this kid is an exercise in saying no. About 100 times. He really wanted to show me this dog in the hopes I would buy it. I was already in line to check out, so I said, “Why don’t you take my phone and go take a picture of yourself with the dog?” That solved the problem!! He felt heard, and like he had the dog, but I didn’t have to say no (again…).

Last night we did Seamus’s back to school night. It was great–funny and so, so Seamus. He wrote us a letter to leave at his desk, signed, “your smartest cid.” He also apologized for a “messy desk” which was very neat and encouraged us to go look at the Guess Who on the wall. This year, he wants to be a scientist. “So I can blow things up.”


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