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Miscellany September 8, 2016

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  1. Seamus and Gilbert started back to school. They were thrilled to be back in the routine, and the first day, there was a lot of interrupting to tell us all about it. I’m glad they had fun. Of course, we’ve gone back to school bedtime (7:30, if not earlier), and packing them with full calorie snacks. The first week just wears them out.
  2. I read an interesting book (We Love You, Charlie Freeman) about a Black family that goes to dedicate their lives to science and adopt a chimpanzee and live in a primate facility. It was delightful and weird, and I’m glad I read it. Next up is a book set in Egypt. I’m going for shortish, high interest books these days.
  3. I’m teaching a fantastic class on Ethnic Literary Traditions. My focus is Chicana memoir and poetry. It is SO MUCH fun to teach a class I’m really good at. It helps that my students are really into it too.
  4. Harlan can crawl.
    Up and at 'em!

    Up and at ’em!

    He’s highly motivated to go for anything Porter has played with.

  5. My parents visited for Gilbert’s birthday. It was a really fun visit–nice and cool, before heating up again this week. We did get in some swimming, despite the cool temperatures.

    I like this shot of my mom with the four kids competing for her attention.

    I like this shot of my mom with the four kids competing for her attention.

  6. Porter did his repertoire of animal sounds last night. We said, “Are you a Porter-cat?” and he said, “Meow.” Then he did donkey, cow, duck, snake, frog, sheep, rooster, fish, goose, and dog. He calls himself “Port-ay”
  7. We had the English Department over for a party.
    Three partying boys.

    Three partying boys.

    We’re a big group!

  8. My tenure portfolio is almost done. I’m putting the finishing touches on it and then I turn it in next week. Here’s to a hopefully uneventful wait.
  9. Seamus and Gilbert went out to play with their cousins.


    Fun waterslide set up!

  10. I’ve been really tired, but I’m nothing if not hopeful for that getting better soon.
  11. I’m working on Lego storage solutions. I’ll post something when I get it organized.

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