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Gilbert’s Sixth Birthday September 5, 2016

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Gilbert’s birthday was this weekend. He’s been looking forward to it for a while, but I had sort of not come to terms with the fact that it was so soon. On meet the teacher day, we arranged for his birthday treat to be sent to school (she does not want us to bring it in)! We arranged with a friend of Gilbert’s to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for his “celebrate-with-a-friend” time.

Our new policy is that for the grade they are in, they can choose that many friends to go somewhere fun and celebrate. So, in first grade, they can pick one friend, second grade, two. Currently they can choose Chuck-E-Cheese, the zoo, bowling, or Pump it Up. In a few years, we might add laser tag, a climbing gym, or a trampoline place. They are pleased with the arrangement, but it was hard because Gilbert turns six in first grade, while Seamus turns seven. We didn’t want Gilbert to have to wait until he was seven to get an outing, so we tied it to grade, not age. Seamus did think that was a little unfair, but we explained that he’d get a party at 18, whereas Gilbert would already be off to college by 18.

Back to Gilbert’s birthday! He requested a floppy calculator, some Legos, and of course, his bike. He got that and more (a snap circuit set) and he’s pretty pleased. Also he’s gotten a lot of attention. He has two wiggly teeth he’s hoping to lose soon. He moved to the top bunk for a turn. He’s controlling his reactions to things better.

Our six year old!

Our six year old!


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