Harlan at Five Months

Harlan at five months is a delight. He’s trying to crawl. I can’t believe it.


  • His brothers. He watches them and hopes they’ll come over and pay attention to him.
  • A blow up toy with balls in it. Porter likes it too, so they kind of play together.
  • Attention from everyone. He grins as soon as you start talking to him.
  • Being swaddled for naps and bed.
  • Flipping onto his belly and pushing up. He’s very good at rolling and turning in circles.
  • Baths. He is enjoying the water and splashing around.
  • Being carried in the carrier. He likes going for stroller rides too. Our stroller got a lot of attention last week. I think because it’s an urban two kid stroller, with one tucked underneath.


  • Belly gas.
  • Someone bumping his head (or doing that himself).
  • Being taken away from his food source when he’s not finished.
  • The bottle.


  • The car seat.
  • Where he sleeps (mostly in his crib, but for naps, sometimes other places).

He’s pretty easy, and he’s growing chunky. We enjoy having him around, and his brothers seem to like him. They go play with him regularly. He’s about 16 pounds.

Trying to push up and crawl.
Trying to push up and crawl.
Harlan at five months.
Harlan at five months.

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