Porter Says

I’m about to lose track of his vocabulary, as it’s now rapidly expanding. But some new words:

ice, peanut butter, beach, (geese–but he means sea gulls), do it (for All by my self), mutton (button), briefs, potty, hot dee (hot cloth to wash himself), nakkin (napkin), shoes (which he can put on himself), water, bed, excuse me (after he burped at the table the other day), elbow, notebook, and when we’re reading he does eyes, ears, feet, teeth, and other body parts when looking at animals–He’s starting to do two words together. He said “Look, rocks!” to Patrick the other day when we were on a nature hike.

He runs at top speed for things he’s excited about doing, but of course top speed means the toddle run. He dances and twirls around. He loves to play with Seamus and Gilbert but they sometimes terrorize him.

We always laughed that Porter just wants to be part of it when he was a baby, but as he grows that just becomes more apparent.


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