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Jam Packed–Lego, Farm, Swim/Bike August 8, 2016

Filed under: Family Life,Friends and Relatives,Summer Vacation — leighj @ 1:36 pm

On Friday evening, the older boys spent the night with a friend. It was so weird to not have them at home, but we managed. Then, they had pancakes with their grandfather, and he took them to a movie. We ended up having a very low-key Saturday, but it was good preparation for Sunday.

Sunday was great, if difficult to sustain the kind of activity throughout our lives. We had friends come for breakfast and then the 10(!) of us headed off to the Lego Brick Fest at Dulles Expo Center. The kids enjoyed building Lego derby cars, bouncing in the bounce houses, and checking out the amazing dioramas made from Lego. It was super cool. Afterwards, I was rewarded with a very rare, “That was fun!” from Seamus.

Since we were already pretty far west, we decided to go to our farm for you pick em tomatoes, and whatever else he had on tap for the day. We came away with a lot of tomatoes, potatoes, basil, eggplant, and squash. Even Porter got into the picking, popping little cherry tomatoes into his mouth just as quick as he could pick them! Of course, he didn’t like being stranded down the row from us, calling Mama Mama when he felt stressed. Patrick and Gilbert made an Italian sauce from the tomato haul, and they also made a delicious salsa.

Patrick and I were worn out at the end of the day (and the kids were too, since Porter didn’t get a great nap). We were like, “Is this really what it takes to wear them out?” Also involved was a swimming playdate for Seamus, which he declared a little “wild” in that the other kids were jumping and behaving in ways that made him nervous. But I did get a good story out of him about the high dive and the belly flop on the low dive. Gilbert, Porter, and Patrick did a bike ride. Porter heard them talking about it, and ran in from the other room yelling, “ME!!! Bike.” Just in case it wasn’t clear.

Summer does feel like it’s winding down, just as we’re getting into a groove of being out and about with each other.


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