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The Quest for a Harry Potter Book in NOVA August 4, 2016

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Spoiler Alert: I am now the proud owner of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But it took a while to get it. I have never lived in a place where things like books sold out. What’s up with this megalopolis? When we were at the cabin at Bryce, my friend was remarking on how much she enjoyed the lake because it wasn’t too crowded. I agree, and dream of a community Easter egg hunt where the kids can go out and come back…and go out again. We did get that in Charlottesville one year.

So the book. It came out on Sunday, and I didn’t think much about it. Looking back, we should have just stopped at the Walmart in Woodstock, and I would have had one that day. Monday, Seamus and Gilbert and I ran some errands (mostly to prep their school supplies), and then we went to a little indy bookstore to get the book. Sold out until mid-week! I tried two grocery stores, but no dice. Patrick suggested the very fancy Walmart in Tyson’s. I had to take S&G to Lego build, so we went to Barnes and Noble in the mall. No HP8, but it was absolutely intriguing to be in a big bookstore again. I haven’t been in one in so long! To see multiple copies of the same book, all crisp and new. Rows and rows. It smelled like reading. I love the library, and we go all the time, but a bookstore is a very different experience. I almost got something, but I didn’t want to get distracted from my quest.

After Lego build, I checked in to see how Patrick was faring with P&H at home. Everybody sleeping, so we ventured on out to Walmart. I had considered ordering the book through Amazon, but I got hung up on the free shipping/pay for shipping, and wanting to read the book right away. Patrick suggested I buy it on Kindle, but that’s sacrilegious for Harry Potter. (Now, reading it, I definitely wouldn’t want to have it electronically. Form matters.)

And this is how I abandoned my principles and bought something at Walmart for the first time in ages. They had a least fifty copies. I will say, going into Walmart with S&G, it was very easy to say no to their constant requests for stuff while I’m shopping.* I didn’t plan on buying anything else at Walmart, and didn’t. I’m sure the corporate giant feels terrible about that.

*Oh wow. One of my parents mentioned something about Gilbert laying the ask on at the right time. I have noticed this since they left. Going anywhere with him is a constant exercise in can I have, oooh, I like this, can we get one of these, we really need this, etc…and he’s excited about whatever it is. Seamus asks differently, like “What are Dippin Dots? Someday can we have some?” It is exhausting to have Gilbert’s constant requests, but I feel like since I have to shop with them right now (summer), I can tune him out a little, and model buying choices and needs v wants.



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