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August Already?–Weekend at Bryce August 3, 2016

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I looked at the calendar this morning, and it’s August already? I have to go back to work in less than three weeks. That’s going to pose an interesting problem, because Harlan has yet to take a bottle. He holds out, one might say, screeching and rejecting the attempt to give him a bottle. I suppose he’ll eat if he gets hungry, but he’s going to be five months soon, and really, he could start solids in a month, if he just can’t see his way to the bottle.

To cap off July, we went to a cabin near Bryce resort with some friends. We went with the same friends last year, and it was so fun, but none of us (kids or adults) slept very well. This year, we slept much better, and we were able to have a lot of fun. There was a zip line for the kids (and adults!), along with a treehouse to climb in. A bear skin rug cracked us up, but the espresso maker was no joke! I think the only thing I wish I could change was that I ended up with the worst part of a summer cold for the two days we were there. I had a cold this time last year too. Maybe next year, I’ll be healthy at the end of July!

Bryce is a ski area, primarily (and we will definitely be going back to that house when it’s ski time), but there’s also a nascent attempt to develop year round activities. To that end, there was a little beach and lake to go to, where they rent paddle boats. Seamus, Gilbert, Patrick, and our friends rented two boats, which they paddled out to the middle of the lake and had a hootnhollering time of jumping off the boats into the water. Gilbert was especially happy to have a life jacket so he could indulge all his wildest dreams of jumping without fear. Seamus claimed to prefer jumping off the dock without a life jacket. I know I say this every year, but this is the year! Gilbert is in swim lessons, and they seem to have finally stuck!

We came back to a clean house and, despite our rest, we conked right out. One thing that’s making vacations easier and more fun this year is that we’re packing a lot of our own food prior to travel. It makes the meals easier.

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