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Glen Echo Puppet Theater Excursion August 2, 2016

Filed under: DC Exploration,Family Life,Summer Vacation — leighj @ 6:49 am

This summer is personally fantastic! (Not so sure about the bigger world.) I’m not pregnant (last two summers), so I can move around easily and enjoy the occasional margarita. Patrick had a successful program, the kids have been swimming and working hard. We’ve had a good balance of friends, family, and quiet time.

July wrapped fast. One notable thing in the last week of July was that I took Porter and Harlan to the puppet theater at Glen Echo park with a friend and her son. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the show was short (30 minutes) and really cute (no narrative, just puppets bouncing around the stage doing tricks). Porter was enthralled, but a little nervous, meaning he was glued to my lap. That made it a little hard to hold Harlan, but I managed to get them both on my lap. Harlan, surprisingly, was also interested in the puppet show. His eyes were tracking it. Afterwards, we rode the Carousel in the park. It was fun, but fast! I think it was Porter’s first time on the Carousel, and again, nervous, but enjoyed it.

And, Porter’s up. I’m going to try to blog more this week, but I have some work obligations and Harlan does not enjoy taking a bottle! So more on that later.


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