Baltimore Day Trip

My parents flew into Baltimore for this visit, and we trekked up to see them in the city one day. I was looking for stuff for us to do, but the aquarium seemed very expensive (not so bad if you get a membership and go several times in a year), and the science museum the same. I also knew that the kids would try to pull us in three different directions. Water taxi it was! We walked from the downtown hotel to the Inner Harbor and caught a water taxi to Fell’s Point. We had lunch at a place called Todd’s Common or something. It was great food. We were all so stuffed we could barely walk out. We got a table on the patio where we could do a lot of people watching (and not disturb the other customers).

After lunch, we rode the blue line water taxi out further into the harbor to see the Domino sugar factory, Michael Phelps tank, some troop carriers, and the little park on the edge of the water. It was a fun trip, but Seamus and Gilbert got bored and started wrestling on the boat. I had to crack down on their behavior. It upset Seamus because he felt picked on, but they were both participating. And wrestling on a boat is a bad idea.

Anyway, we got back to the hotel and cooled off. The hotel had a built in chess board which made the boys happy. There was also a dancing fireplace. I sincerely hope it wasn’t putting out heat, because it was about 96 degrees out!

We enjoyed ourselves in Baltimore. It’s a remarkably friendly city, and the water taxis and light rail make it easy and fun to get around. The food is good, people are laid back, and everything is cheaper than it is in DC–except the museums.

Water Taxi
Water Taxi

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