Happy Birthday, Porter!

Porter turned two yesterday!

Blowing out his candles!
Blowing out his candles!

At the birthday celebration, we relit his candles multiple times, since he liked blowing them out so much. Seamus sighed, saying that wasn’t appropriate activity. We told him that at his second birthday, he had more candles and he spent a long time blowing them out. Porter was pleased with his cake (I think he had two pieces, asked for a third, but couldn’t eat it). He also was a little afraid of his presents. I think Tickle Me Elmo was a little overwhelming. Especially when Gilbert was brandishing it at him.

We swam, he had breakfast at the Marriott, and he had his two year old appointment at the doctor. He got a shot (no tears, no fussing even), and he weighed in at 26 pounds, 34 inches. A little small, but no problem with his giant head. We’re ready for our newest two year old!



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