Porter’s Speech

Porter, on the eve of his second birthday, is quite a treat. He still doesn’t talk a whole lot, but he is expressive!

  • He gets stuck behind the couch and he says “Help!”
  • We don’t always understand him, so I’m pretty sure others wouldn’t. The words potty, party, buggy, buddy all sound remarkably similar.
  • When Seamus was a baby, he said “Wapple” for “Waffle.” The other day, Porter was saying “Wap-pu” and I was like, “Oh, are you thinking about waffles.” Haha no. He was asking for water. He probably thought I was nuts. Last night, I was putting Harlan to bed, and Porter came in all sweet and sweaty. “Wappu?” he asked. I said, knowing Patrick was still outside, “Go ask Seamus to help you with getting some water.” And he did! And Seamus did! It was lovely.
  • He says “Eeemeen” for airplane.
  • He usually talks instead of whines. He says “briefs” about his big boy briefs.

He’s our big almost two year old!


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