A Week in the New Normal

Things went pretty well. It was definitely rocky when the boys came home. Luckily, while the girl next door was on vacation, Patrick’s dad could pick them up. On Friday, it was so hot he took them to his house to cool off in the basement and I picked them up to go to dinner at a friend’s house. I was so glad to make the food I had to take without having to break up a million altercations.

What we did:

  • Seamus and Gilbert had camp. They had to pack their backpacks and walk to the community center. They swam two days; Seamus passed the swim test on Monday, Gilbert didn’t take it (and didn’t pass) on Thursday. He was so devastated. I think that might have sparked his meltdown Thursday evening. They have loved going to camp. The camp must have run out of shirts that were the right size, because these were too big. They wanted me to make a ponytail on their shirts for their field trip day. Field trip to laser tag. They were pretty excited.2016-07-13 08.43.26
  • Porter had a time out for throwing a car and hitting me with it. Later, he dropped his car and got mad, and then he went and put himself in time out. It reminded me of Seamus when he was little. He’d get mad, knock Gilbert over, and then before I could say anything, he’d say, “Time out. I knock Gilbert down” and scuttle over there. Porter has been sleeping better, and he’s doing really well with potty training. He wears briefs all day in the house. We have a lot of false alarms, but he loves the big potty with the Elmo potty seat. He’s dying to be independent, and does not want help getting on or off, so we leave his stool next to the toilet so he can do it. As he approaches two, we are getting much more insight into his personality. He’s talking more, and he’s telling us that he loves airplanes and buses, and he is terrified of doggies and buggies. Here he is hanging out on the time out mat with his school bus monster truck and his big boy briefs:2016-07-11 17.04.17
  • Porter’s had a lot of playdates this week. After the one with his friend Max, we were on our way home and he said, “Home. Dada.” I said, “No, Dada’s at work, but didn’t you have fun with Mama?” He said, “No…Max.” I said, “Oh, you had fun with Max?” and he said, “Yeah.” He is enjoying other toddlers much more now. We’ve also had a lot of playdates with our friends and former neighbors. They came in for a week, and we went to their son’s baptism. It was just like they’d never left. But then they had to move on, and we were sad all over again.
  • We celebrated Patrick’s birthday with a trip to the Georgetown waterfront. It was a lovely day and there was a lot to see. Boats, standup paddleboards, kayaks, airplanes, people. Lots of dogs. Seamus was entranced by a fountain, and asked if we could stand and watch it for a while. I would have stood there with him all day. I love watching water. Sometimes he reveals similar obsessions to me, and I am floored, then he goes on about laser tag scoring, and I fall asleep.2016-07-10 11.09.28
  • We made a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for Patrick’s birthday at Gilbert and Seamus’s request. Turns out, Gilbert doesn’t really like mint chocolate chip. Seamus finds it “refreshing.” Haha. Porter just yells “ME!” when dessert hits the table and “MO” when it’s gone. My cake turned out just okay. I make the cake from scratch, and bought the ice cream.2016-07-10 17.44.18
  • While Porter was napping, I took the other kids, including Harlan, to the library. They were having a Bobcat touch day in the parking lot:2016-07-06 15.52.23 HDR-2
  • Speaking of Harlan, he seems to have weathered the four month sleep regression with a bad couple of nights and then back to his usual awesome self. He smiles, giggles, coos, and plays. He’s started mouthing things and rolling 360. He can sit if you hold his hands. We got out the doorway jumper for him, and then promptly forgot he was home. I had a very bizarre moment when I went to pick up the CSA goods and thought I had him with me, but then realized I’d left him home with Patrick. Oops. He was four months old this week, and we just can’t believe how much fun he is.2016-07-12 07.53.55
  • Gilbert and Patrick went off to the CSA today to help tie tomatoes, harvest garlic and cherry tomatoes, and pick flowers. Porter is napping, as is Harlan, but I think I just heard him wake up, and Seamus is swimming at the neighborhood pool with a friend.



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