The Short-Lived New Normal

These three weeks we flip the script. Patrick goes to work downtown with students at the DC Public Library, and I stay home full time with the kids. He’s gone 10:30-6 usually. Seamus and Gilbert are in camp (9-3) for two of these three weeks, and my parents are coming for Porter’s birthday for part of the other week. I expected to go a little crazy, but it’s been surprisingly quiet. Seamus and Gilbert love camp. Yesterday, they swam, played soccer, played sharks and minnows, ate lunch, and I’m not sure what else. The girl next door picked them up from camp and walked them home and gave them a snack. It was lovely. It was a little rocky last night because they were so tired. We put them to bed early (which made a big difference in my mood too!). Seamus didn’t even argue; he just got into bed and confessed, “I’m tuckered.”

I hang out with Porter and Harlan. We’re really working Porter on his potty training. He wears big boy briefs anytime we are at home. He’s been doing really well. He held it while we were at Marymount working, and then at home he asked to use the potty.

I’m getting a lot done! But Harlan just woke up, so…to be continued!


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