Activities in Chatham for Kids

We had a blast this year. I had called it the “Year of the Hike” since last year was the “Year of the Bike.” It didn’t really end up that way, since the first hike wasn’t much fun with Harlan screeching like a banshee. So, when you can’t bike and you can’t hike, what else is there to do?

  • The Beach: We did some Lighthouse Beach (so cold Atlantic water). The better beach experiences were Hardings Beach and Ridgevale Beach. We took Harlan to the beach two days, but that was a big undertaking the second day. I think some people can do it easily, but I just have a hard time with a three month old at the beach. First, shade? Second, heat? Bleh. However, the older kids loved the beach. We took Seamus and Gilbert 4 out of 6 days and Porter 3 of 6. Porter did like the waves and sand (especially digging in the sand), but he wasn’t a huge fan of the seaweed in his toes! Seamus did a great job jumping and bobbing in the waves in Nantucket Sound. Gilbert also worked himself silly on the beach.
Porter loves the beach!
Porter loves the beach!
  • The Park: There’s a fantastic park in Chatham at Veteran’s Field. We went there twice–once in the evening and once in the early morning. It had lots of shade, seating around the park, and a little something for all the kids. The biggest hits were the challenging monkey bars and the see-saw.
  • The Fourth of July Parade: We honestly weren’t sure we were going to make it when we saw how much traffic there was. The parade was fun though, even though we were at the end of it, and it kept stopping and starting. Police were coming through saying “There’s a lot more parade to go!” but we ended up leaving after an hour of parade. It was well worth it for entertainment and people watching.
  • Cape Cod Potato Chip factory: This ended up being the “Year of the Chip.” We toured the factory and over the week bought six bags of chips! We were glad we didn’t drive 30 minutes just to tour the factory, but since we were already in that town, it was fun to check it out.

We played a lot of games, did shell crafts, went on excursions, checked out the fish market, and more. My phone is not uploading pictures to my computer, so I’ll have to figure that out to add some photos.



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