Update on CSA and KonMari

Well, since my friend and her daughter left, I’ve been busy with KonMari (of the boys clothes) and with figuring out how to use all the greens we get from our CSA. I didn’t do as thorough a job as my friend did, but I did manage to halve the amount of children’s clothing we’re storing in our attic.

As for the CSA, we got mustard greens, boc choi, kale, lettuce, cilantro, cauliflower, and basil this week. We’ve used about half the lettuce, all of the mustard greens and cauliflower, and some of the cilantro and basil. Tonight, we’re going to use the boc choi with tofu and rice. We did the mustard greens Indian style, with paneer. The cauliflower we also did Indian style. It was a feast. Salads have been good for us to keep making. As before, I like the CSA because it forces me to think about new ways to use the food.

We’ve been using the library a lot since school got out for me. Porter and I walked there this morning, and he picked out a bunch of board books. Seamus and Gilbert have been picking out books on CD to listen to. They’re supposed to listen in the car, but I found them holed up in their room listening the other day! They put a book on hold and were very excited to go pick it up when the notification came, but the circulation desk person couldn’t find it. I got it today when I went back.

Wow. This is a boring post! I’m flying tomorrow with 2 under 2, so that should be exciting. We had our neighbors over the other day. 12 people! But it was a blast.


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