This morning I turned the calendar to June, and I got so excited. June means the end of school for the older boys. It means Cape Cod. It means today my friend and her daughter are coming for a visit. I tried to get the boys worked up about it, but they were a little reluctant to get overly thrilled. I think they were tired from Porter’s shenanigans last night. He kept scratching the window screen while they were trying to sleep. They were not pleased.

I also woke up this morning grateful that it’s summer, and I don’t have to go in to work every day. Harlan is sleeping well, so I’m not completely exhausted (but it does help that I’ve been going to bed between 8:30-9 for the last few nights). Having all the kids is a lot of work, but really, what’s more work is self-care. I am willing to neglect the things I know make me feel good, like getting enough sleep, reading a book, eating a salad, taking a shower, going for a walk, because I don’t feel like I have enough time for those things. A shower is ten minutes–surely I can find the time (maybe I should put down my phone where I’m reading the NYTimes and just solidifying opinions that I already hold).

I’m steeling myself to declutter the clothing I’m hoarding for kids. My goals are to keep, in each size: 8-10 pants, 8-10 shorts, 10-12 long sleeve shirts, 10-12 short sleeve shirts, 3-4 sweaters and hoodies, 8 pairs of PJs. Now, before you tell me that still seems like a lot of clothing, consider that most of it is still going to have to work for two boys (who, if their brothers are any indication, are hard on clothes). Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll still have a lot to pass on after the event. Then I have to do mine….

A few pictures:

Seamus on the high ropes course.
Seamus on the high ropes course.
He's growing.
He’s growing.


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