Memorial Day Weekend

Last year, we had a big party on Memorial Day weekend. This year, we did not have it in us! Instead, we kept busy (the weather finally cooperated!) and did a lot of fun activities. On Friday (because weekends start early around here), we took some food to friends who recently had their second boy. Their older boy is almost exactly Porter’s age. I made a tamale pie out of the Moosewood Celebrates cookbook. It said the pie was inspired by The Vegetarian Epicure cookbook, so I looked it up in there. The Moosewood had seriously simplified that recipe! Thank goodness, because I would not have really wanted to whip egg whites and all sorts of other things. Anyway, it was fun to see a teeny baby since Harlan is growing so fast.

When reading to Porter at night, he likes to read Harold and the Purple Crayon. When we get to the part about the hot air balloon, he points to a picture above his bed. I asked Patrick if he’d been working with him on that, and he said he hasn’t, so I guess Porter is paying attention to the decor around him. We had some friends over on Saturday (we’re slowly easing back into having people over), and Porter wanted desperately to tag along with the big kids while they were playing.

On Sunday, we let Seamus go with a friend to a high ropes course. He had a blast and was pretty wound up after a long playdate! It was nice for him to get to do something developmentally appropriate that the other kids can’t do yet. I was a little anxious about protocol on a long playdate (do we pack his lunch?), but he was fine and the other parents seem cool.

Monday there was a big parade, and Seamus had worked very hard this year to get to march in the parade. He did Earth Watch activities.

His poster!
His poster!

We let Porter and Harlan nap, while Seamus, Gilbert, and I went to the parade. We ran into some friends (in one case, I literally ran into a woman I know) and had a great time. It was a long parade–nearly 1 hour 15 minutes! Lots of dancers, music, and the school mascots!

In Gilbert news, we went to his Kindergarten musical.

2016-05-25 18.46.35-2

He was into it! But he was always a step behind.



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