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More Rain for the Weekend May 22, 2016

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Guess what?! It rained again this weekend. We are getting good at entertaining ourselves in spite of the rain.

Porter. He seems torn between wanting to be a big boy and wanting to be a baby. Having a baby in the house exacerbates this problem. Gilbert is a lot of fun for Porter to play with, most of the time, but Gilbert also tends to infuriate Porter. Seamus likes to sit and read to Porter. It is impossible to get a good picture of Seamus. He won’t look at the camera, or he’ll put his hands in his mouth, or he’ll close his eyes. I’d like a few good candid pics of him at this age, but it’s not going to happen!

There's a Monster at the End of this Book!

There’s a Monster at the End of this Book!

We’re exhausted. The rain. The lack of sleep. I’m so, so tired.I need to start doing yoga (or some kind of exercise) again. I’ve been up before six almost every day for the last two weeks, and yet, it’s not to go to yoga. Some days, if Harlan’s still sleeping, Patrick gets up with Porter, but it’s so loud in the house (see rain, so all kids are indoors) that it’s not possible to sleep in. Being tired makes it more difficult to have patience when the kids are not behaving. At the end of the day, we’ve mostly had fun and success, but at the beginning, it’s not always rosy. And I’m a morning person! I guess it’s better to end on the good note.

Some better things:

  • I was on a really cool panel for professional women to share about their careers with middle school girls. So fun, and the other panelists were inspiring!
  • A friend we had in New Mexico lives here. He and his fiancee came over to catch up and have beers in the backyard.
  • My friend and her baby are going to come for a visit! I’m so excited.
  • Harlan slept from 8:30-5:50 two nights ago. (I didn’t because my body needed him to wake up around 3:00, but I was happy he was rested.)




2 Responses to “More Rain for the Weekend”

  1. Linda St Clair Says:

    It was not always easy to get a good photo of you at Seamus ‘s. A few years later it was better.

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