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CSA, One Nice Day, and Our Garden May 17, 2016

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We decided to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and so on Saturday, we drove out to the farm. While there, we saw the chickens that would lay the eggs, the dog that guards the place, and met the farmer. His name is Leigh, and he used to be a high school English teacher. We also got to go into the greenhouse:

Harvesting Greens

Harvesting Greens

It was a hoot, and the boys really loved pulling up the lettuces and kale. That evening, the boys devoured two large trays of homemade kale chips. I got one bite, because I went to campus to attend the graduation awards ceremony. They were so excited to eat what they’d picked, that Gilbert even had a salad the next night. We’re very eager to see how this all works out. By all indications, we should have CSA goods into October. If the boys continue to enjoy the veggies, it will be well worth it. Patrick and I will enjoy them anyway.

We also picked up two dozen delicious farm eggs and two trays of seedlings. The boys picked the seedlings. I managed to slip three tomato plants into Gilbert’s before he noticed, but we got a lot of broccoli seedings, some basil, and about 8 ground cherry seedlings. (Thanks Uncle John, for the inspiration!). I also got them to pick up some Swiss chard. But they picked up catnip. We don’t have a cat!

On Sunday, Gilbert and Porter and I went to Home Depot to prep some things to make the garden grow. We ended up with a few different items trying to figure out what would work best. I’ll make some pictures, but we have a raised bed, a flat bed with ground cover and a picket fence, and some deck planters. I’ve got low expectations for what’s growing, but it’s been fun to plant them with the kids. Sunday and Monday ended up being cold but decent days to be outside. It’s raining again today.

Streets Closed

Streets Closed

On Saturday, the streets on the way to the library were closed. The boys were excited to run all over the street without worrying about traffic. I walked with Seamus and Gilbert while Porter and Harlan slept. Gilbert was signed up for an acting class at the library, and Seamus wanted to sit and choose some books to read. The librarian offered another spot in the acting class to Seamus, and he considered it, but he opted for picking out Minnie and Moo books and reading to me for an hour. As the acting class gave their presentation, it rolled in a huge thunderstorm. We made it back home, wet but happy.

Porter pretends to fall asleep.

Porter pretends to fall asleep.

Porter has generally been in a good mood, but in the car, we don’t want him to fall asleep. This is a game he likes where he pretends to sleep, and then wakes up full of grins. We were listening to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing on audiobook in the car. I can’t herald them enough. Porter’s art class taught him the word “glue” the other day. Seamus also used the word “bastion” correctly the other day, but he didn’t know what “jitters” were.

My desk the day grades were due.

My desk the day grades were due.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Our neighbors were playing at the bus stop, so we invited them to the backyard. They also have four kids, ages 8, 6, 4, 2. It was a lot of fun to see all the kids playing together.

And a last shot of Harlan, who is smiling, and cooing up a storm. He seems to have recovered, for which I am both grateful and annoyed.

Happy baby

Happy baby


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