Some Funny Things 

Last night S & G were in the tub. I heard them saying “Jinx. You owe me a cloak.”  Funny corruption of that saying but I’m not sure they know much about cokes. 

Porter said his first sentence. When asked whose boy he is, he said “Me mama”. Me is very useful to him these days. 

We caught the Derby on Saturday. Seamus chose Danzing Candy. Gilbert chose Gun Runner. Those two horses out on a show!

I took Gilbert and Harlan to the Honors Barbecue on Friday. G played hard with another little boy. Afterward he declared a new best friend! 

Today marks the end of the semester. I start working on my tenure portfolio after this. When I’m expecting a baby I read a lot of birth stories. Yesterday I started reading tenure stories. I guess I am a literature professor! 


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