The Birthday Continues

Today, we had bagels for Seamus’s birthday breakfast. It’s kind of nice having the Monday before his birthday off from school. It’s like a bonus day (or really, more like Gilbert’s birthday, which is over Labor Day weekend). Poor Porter was so sad to see my parents leave, but he recovered quickly, and enjoyed being my big bagel helper.

Grandude took Porter to art class, and Gilbert, Seamus, and I passed a fun morning building Legos. Porter makes this activity decidedly less fun, as he doesn’t eat them anymore, but he does like to sweep them off whatever surface they’re on.

Now, Patrick has Seamus and two friends at the bowling alley. Gilbert said he wished he could go, but he handled his disappointment really well. Porter and Harlan are napping, and I’m putting up a blog post! Everybody wins!

Some pictures:

Did I hear that someone's having a birthday?
Did I hear that someone’s having a birthday?

Everybody wanted a present, and despite being told that they wouldn’t get presents on brothers’ birthdays, they still got a little something. Porter was pretty pleased with his box of animal crackers. Patrick and I were pleased with our night off to walk to town and have a beer without having to attend to other people’s needs.

Basketball man down!
Basketball man down!

My mom played a lot of basketball–on the big hoop and on the small hoop!

Gilbert practices to join the Wilderness Family.
Gilbert practices to join the Wilderness Family.

As I said, there was a lot of fire/wood entertainment.

Sweet sweater!
Sweet sweater!

Right on schedule, our six week old baby started waking up and noticing the world around him. It absolutely wore him out, and he’ll probably nap for the next two weeks.


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