Experiments in Posting

I have been playing with posting from my phone (the last two posts were done that way) and now I’m posting from yet another computer. What I’ve learned from the phone is that is it far easier to post from it than it was with my iPad. I did one (maybe two) posts using the iPad and the WordPress app, but the typing was such a pain that I couldn’t continue.

With the phone, I did predictive typing on the “super quick” post, and then I used the voice dictation for the “family adventure” post. I loved the dictation, but the pictures came out really big, so I’m not sure what happened there.

Harlan is the noisiest baby! He sleeps in his crib, but I would not be able to sleep at all if he were in our room. He makes a very weird sucking in sound when he breathes sometimes and at first it really freaked me out. Now, I’m used to it. We don’t go pick him up at night unless he’s crying because most of the time he’s asleep but making noise. If we pick him up then he’s awake making noise.

I read Seamus Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. It is such a sad book! He had a lot of questions about he atom bomb and war in general. Gilbert listened to the book, but didn’t sit with me while I was reading. He remarked, “It’s sad. I heard it, but I didn’t see the pictures.” I said, “Well, the pictures were sad too.” He said, “Good. I don’t like sad pictures.” Gilbert has been a Lego playing fool. I kind of lost it though this morning when he needed to go to school and there were still Legos everywhere! I cannot spend all day making sure Porter doesn’t eat them. So I took them away until I say he can have them again. He was pretty upset by that. I felt bad about it, so he’ll probably get them back next week. It is fun to see how creatively he plays with them.

It’s really hard to maintain an even keel when one child is not picking up, another is crying to be fed, another can’t figure out his math home work, and another is dumping out a cup of water, all while you’re making lunches and the other adult is taking out the garbage. Learning to prioritize needs is something I guess we’ll continue to work on.

Harlan’s waking up. Gotta go. I have a big presentation to give at the Alexandria Library tonight!


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