Family Adventure Days: Boom or Bust?

Patrick and I had decided to do more family adventure time on the  weekends. We did well with Austin and the Bahamas, but we still struggled to get out on regular weekends. Partly because we like it when Porter takes his nap and we like having pancake day for the older boys in the break for us.

Before Harlan was born we made a trip to Harpers Ferry. It ended up being 10° colder than we had anticipated plus some spitting rain. That wasn’t much fun but we did end up having hot chocolate and a nice day. Recently we tried to go see the cherry blossoms. It was nice because we met up with some friends and played on the playground but again it was 10° colder than we had anticipated. We packed a picnic and we huddled around scarfing down our picnic. In Harpers Ferry we had our picnic in the car.

Today I did not pack a picnic. I lowered my expectations and packed a few snacks. We made a trip to the national Arboretum in hopes of seeing the bonsai garden. However it being spring time, there were a lot of bumblebees pollinating flowers. The boys are pretty freaked out by the bees. The koi pond was closed.

Gilbert and Porter and Harlan napped in the car on the way there. You might consider these trips a bust and we were tempted to think that way. However if you take it as we have four kids and we did manage to get out and do something, you might call it a success!

No pictures though because that’s asking too much!



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