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Easter, Spring, and More Pictures March 31, 2016

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Porter always wants to be in the bouncy seat.

Porter always wants to be in the bouncy seat.

But then, so did Seamus…

Seamus in Gilbert's Chair

Seamus in Gilbert’s Chair

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Harlan wakes up a little more each day. He’s fun to hang out with. Gilbert wanted me to put him down this morning so he could play with him. He played with him so much that when the older boys got on the bus, Harlan sighed and went to sleep. It’s hard work having to please a bunch of older brothers!

Seamus and Gilbert seem to be glad to be back at school. Routine and all. However, the change in weather means they keep coming out of their room with the most ridiculous (and often seasonally inappropriate) attire. We only send them back to change one time, so whatever lands on their bodies second is what they head off in.

I’m working madly on a reference article for a work deadline. It was due 3/18, but I had to ask for an extension, since there was no way I could get it done the week Harlan was born. It’s taken my whole week, but I’m 1350 words into 2500, so I’m feeling good. It’s due tomorrow.

Easter was fun! We did the egg hunt at the community center park. One area is for 0-3, one for 4-6, and one for 7-11. Seamus wanted to hunt in the 7-11 area, Gilbert in 4-6, and Porter needed 0-3. Some friends joined us, and Patrick tried to supervise both G & S. It was a bit of a zoo, because the hunt stares at 10:00, and by 10:02, it is OVER. I helped Porter pick up one egg for his basket, and then he managed to get the idea in time to pick up one more egg. He was awfully proud of himself.

Later, we hid the eggs in the backyard, and Seamus and Gilbert looked for them, but mostly they complained that the eggs were too hard to find. To be fair, they did spend about 7 hours outside that day because we wouldn’t let them in the house.

Porter ready to hunt!

Porter ready to hunt!


One Response to “Easter, Spring, and More Pictures”

  1. Maureen Bell Says:

    I know you guys are vegetarian, but I want to eat these boys up with a spoon! Love, Nana

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