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A Few More Updates; And Some Pictures March 21, 2016

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IMG_0141 2016-03-18 17.30.11 2016-03-18 17.37.58 2016-03-18 17.42.28 2016-03-18 11.35.49 2016-03-18 11.20.14

All the boys enjoy holding Harlan. Seamus, perhaps, the most. However, Porter loves it too. Last week was gorgeous and we got outside a lot. This week has been cold, but we’re coming off of it now. Porter has been learning to ride his bike. He loves having his own bike. Porter’s language also hit a growth spurt with the birth of Harlan. He now says: up, help, baby, mine, and a few other things. I think he said Harlan yesterday.

Seamus and Gilbert are over the moon about going to soccer camp. The both got shin guards and soccer socks especially for camp. Seamus also got a new pair of shoes that have laces. Add about five minutes to get out the door, but he can tie them himself, and he’s pretty happy about it. I had not realized that this is a skill we had yet to teach. All of their shoes are crocs or have velcro, though!

Harlan is gradually starting to wake up. He has blue/gray/green eyes. Probably they will turn brown, since his hair is so dark, but they’re very pretty now. I’m trying to just relax and enjoy the baby, but honestly, if I settle into that mentality too much, I get overwrought with how tiny he is, and how he’s already grown so much, and well, that’s emotion soup.


2 Responses to “A Few More Updates; And Some Pictures”

  1. denpq Says:

    I feel like I’m missing all this! I want to be near you so badly. Porter is GORGEOUS!!! I know all your kids are beautiful. Over the summer I was struck by how beautiful Seamus is. Gilbert is super cute and has a personality that can win anyone over. Who will Harlan look like? I cannot believe you have found the time to post so many times since giving birth…and basically delivering all by yourself! Geez, catch your own kid on the way out!!! I’ll count the days until I can see all the Cronin boyz. Must coordinate a visit! xxGreat Aunt Denise

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