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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly March 20, 2016

Filed under: Family Life,Fourth Baby,Growing up,Kid comparisons,Totally Me — leighj @ 2:31 pm

The Good:

  • The children are beginning to understand the necessity of helping out more at home. Gilbert has started taking out the trash and recycling. Seamus has worked on preparing his own food. And Porter set the table last night. I handed him bowls, and he put one at each person’s place. He was so proud of himself.
  • Seamus loves sitting and holding Harlan.
  • Gilbert has been more patient with Porter.
  • Porter is learning to be gentle when he plays with the baby.
  • I had to run to campus to tie up two loose ends. I took Seamus, Gilbert, and Harlan with me. Seamus and Gilbert played quietly in my office for over an hour, so I got way more done than I would have thought possible.
  • We’ve managed 3 squares a day, for all of us. I even made a pineapple upside down cake for fun!

The Bad:

  • It’s hard to enjoy the time snuggling the baby when there are so many other people who also need love and attention. They also happen to be people who I love and want to give attention to.
  • Porter is shocked by the fact that he might actually be told no. He had his first time out the other day. Seamus and Gilbert were very interested in this.
  • Sometimes Gilbert goes too far in playing with Porter. Yesterday, I told him to get off Porter’s toy. He did, but then he was pushing Porter on it. Then he got on to have Porter push him. Of course, Porter made a misstep, fell, and busted his lip.
  • Seamus gets in bad moods.

The Ugly:

  • Porter woke us screaming last night. He woke Seamus up, who started crying too, but not where we could comfort him. He wouldn’t settle on the couch with Patrick. Finally, he crashed out in bed with me, and slept until 8:15. He even slept through me getting up and going to feed Harlan at 5:15.
  • Today, he has a fever. Big surprise.

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