Spring Break! (and some False Labor) (and 37 week ultrasound results)

This post is heavy on the pregnancy news and light on pretty much everything else.

Yay! I’m on Spring Break. I was a little torn, hoping baby would come while I had some time off to enjoy him, but also hoping that I’d get to just do a whole bunch of things I want to do over Spring Break. I’ve set goals to go to yoga every day, run the errands that need running before baby comes, volunteer in Seamus’s class, finish converting the diapers to snaps from velcro, work on an article due next week, finish my photo book, and let Patrick get out to do some work and go for some bike rides. Patrick’s summer program got written up in the Washington Post! We were very excited. So far, I have been doing the things I wanted to get done.

I had some false labor last week that spurred me into action on campus. I knew it was false labor, but it was a good reminder to get the things done that I needed to because baby is going to come sometime in the next few weeks. As opposed to Porter’s bouts of false labor, this didn’t make me angry or sad. I am dealing emotionally much better with the last few weeks this time around. I’m also wanting him to wait until at least the 12th so I can get in the cheap flying I love to do. If he waits until March 12, I get two full years of travel through my Spring Break with a lap baby. And since I won’t be pregnant, I can actually sit with a baby on my lap! That said, anytime after the 12th works for me!

I had an ultrasound at 37 weeks. I’m not actually an advocate of late pregnancy ultrasounds because much of the research suggests that they aren’t that accurate, and in my experience (and that of my friends’) they’ve been known to create more problems than they catch and prevent. (If you’re curious, google things like fetal growth ultrasound accuracy, and afi measurements ultrasound, etc). That said, my doctor likes to do them to check the healing at the incision spot (and the lower uterine segment) after a C-Section. I also read all the research on this on an attempt to educate myself. Basically what I found was a lack of agreement at what might be considered too thin, but some agreement on the idea that thicker is better. I got myself all worked up and steeled against an argument to do another C-Section if the segment was thin.

Long story short, the ultrasound revealed all good news. Baby is growing, but according to the ultrasound a bit small. (That’s good for me, regardless of his actual size, because there won’t be pressure to induce a smaller baby.) Amniotic fluid normal, which is also good because the ultrasound was at 8:00 am and I had gotten up at 5 to drink water so that particular number wouldn’t come up low from morning dehydration. Lower segment measured 5-6mm which is really thick. And of course, baby was confirmed to be head down. Thank goodness!

I also brought home the agreement I have to sign in order to have a VBAC. There are some things I’m pretty tempted to cross out, but then I figure, I’m smart, informed, and risk-adverse for the most part. I’m not going to do anything stupid, but I’m also not going to present myself as a sticking cushion for medical intervention. So, we’ll be laboring at home, taking it easy since the hospital is minutes away.

That’s it!


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