Leap Year

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve nearly finished up with the three search committees I’m on, I’ve nearly finished the article revision I’ve been working on, and I’ve nearly managed to stay on top of the work for my classes. I have one more week until Spring Break, and all this stuff will have to be finished! Then I get a week to breathe, read, and set up for missing a week or two. Baby’s due date is March 22, so naturally, I’m hoping March is the month for baby. I’m also hoping to not be too anxious about when, but it’s so exciting to have it be getting close.

Let’s see, Seamus lost another tooth (one on top, so he’s got a gap now). We were teasing him about whether he’d be able to say his name without whistling. Seamus does not like to be teased. I made tadpole costumes for his class in the school musical. The musical is March 16th, so I figure there’s a good chance baby will come then, so that I don’t get to seem him or my handiwork on all the kiddos in class.

We’ve had a lot of conversation about screen time, as he’s concerned that his friends get more than he does. (I’m not convinced he’s correct, because I honestly can’t figure out when they would be able to have as much as he says they do). We talked about how our afternoons go: get off the bus, play with Legos inside or ride your bike outside, unpack your school bag, eat dinner, read and do homework, take a bath or shower, brush teeth, get read to, and go to bed (usually by 7:30). In the morning, there’s also no time: they get up around 6:30 or 7, eat breakfast, pack lunches and school bags, get dressed, play, and inevitably at 8:20 make a mad dash for getting out the door. I can’t imagine that other families have that much more time (I’d honestly guess less time since most afternoons Patrick and I are both home to help and supervise individual play and make dinner), and Seamus seemed to believe that he wouldn’t be able to trade out these things that he needs and likes to do for more screen time.

Porter is entering tantrum phase, but luckily he’s still pretty easily talked out of a tantrum. I was a little annoyed at Giant when he was having a fit in the cart because he wanted to eat one of the bananas. I would have been fine giving him one when he got home, but the cashier pulled one off (after weighing it) and peeled it for him. How will he learn about delayed gratification?

Gilbert has not been getting much of my time lately. I’m trying to work with him a little more, but in some ways this is good, because it means he has really settled down some and has the self security to know that he doesn’t have to constantly seek my attention.

An extra day of February! Then March…


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