Family Update

It’s been a while, so I’ll just gloss the surface.

All of us:

  • We had a snow day that wasn’t really a snow day in that it was already a holiday. However, then we had an ice/rain day the next day, but I still had to go to work, so it was a little chaotic.
  • We went to a women’s basketball game last night at my school. It was a surprisingly good time for all of us!


  • Is responding really well to the reading incentive program at his school. He’s also slowly getting better, so he’s more willing to take risks on books he hasn’t already read, and he’s interested in sitting by himself sometimes puzzling things out. I’ve been waiting for the day a long time when he’ll sit and entertain himself with a book. Of course, he still wants to be read to, especially complicated stories, but sometimes just the ones he already knows. He even sidles up when we’re reading to Porter and wants to listen in.
  • Really enjoyed watching the game. He was interested in the ref’s hand signals and asked a lot of questions about what the action was on the court.
  • Had a great time swimming in the Bahamas. He went out in the water and actually was swimming in the ocean. That’s harder to do along the coast where we are in the summer, because the water doesn’t get deep until the waves get scary, so he’s not really able to swim there. He could not get enough of the water, until he got cold!
  • Wants to ride his bike cross-country with Patrick. They’re already making summer plans.


  • Liked watching the cheerleaders at the game. He called them the jumping girls, because they kept doing lifts and stuff.
  • Was star of the week this week at school. Each child gets a turn, and Gilbert has been waiting and hoping all year to be the one pulled out of the hat for the next star of the week. He spent a lot of time planning, debating, and changing his mind about what he took to school. Seamus pointed out that if he took his teddy bear, he wouldn’t have teddy to sleep with all week. Gilbert almost rethought it, but he wanted to show teddy off pretty badly.
  • Was doing his Spanish homework to name his five senses (the body parts that correspond). He got manos, boca, and nariz. Then he pointed to his eyes, and said, “yănjing.” I looked at him, and he looked back. Then he said, “ojos!” He had told me the word in Mandarin, which he also studies. I was impressed mostly because I wonder if he’s paying attention at all in his Mandarin class.
  • Swam halfway down the pool by himself at swim lessons last week. He also had his kick board fly out from under him, and he didn’t panic, but swam to the side. I’ll take it! However, I’m still a long way from a book and a mai-tai poolside.


  • Loves to read. However, he used to gently nudge us with the books he wanted to read, but now he hits us with them, so we’ve had to work on that.
  • Can walk backwards. We play a game where I grab and tickle him, then let him go. Before he gets to far away, I grab him again. Sometimes though, he gets too far away. Then he peeks back over his shoulder to see if I’m watching, and he starts walking backwards into range.
  • Cleaned up after himself. He’s probably the most responsible kid for his age we have. Today, he dropped his sippy cup of water, and a little bit spilled out. He said, “Uh-oh!” and scampered over to the place where we keep the kitchen towels. He selected the one on the top and toddled back over to the spill, where he proceeded to blot it up. Then, with some instruction he put the towel in the laundry.
  • Still doesn’t say much, but at this point, I think we can take a do-er over a say-er. He says, “hot” and “hat” and laughs a lot (in a little bit of a creepy way!).
  • Must be allergic to the doctor’s office. Every single time we take him in, he’s 100% fine until 15 minutes before we get there. Once I took him and he’d never had any diaper rash at all, but right before we went into the office, he reddened up and blistered a little, and it looked like I’d neglected him for weeks. After the visit, 2 hours later, he was completely clear. Yesterday, he was fine, but right before Patrick got there with him, half his face turned red, swelled, up and was hot. He ran a fever, at the doctor’s office, but as soon as they left, he was fine! It’s becoming a joke, like, “uh, he’s never like this. He’s never had this before.” I’m sure she thinks we’re totally clueless and that Porter’s lucky to be alive.
  • Moved into Seamus and Gilbert’s room. He was really confused and upset when we dismantled his crib, but he’s getting used to being in with them and he seems to like it.

Fourth Baby:

  • Is head down! Hooray! He’s still kicking along at 35 weeks. We have 5 weeks to go, but I’m hoping for a St. Paddy’s day baby.
  • We’ll get a peek at him in two weeks (under the auspices of making sure the scar from Porter’s birth is all healed up), and I think we’re going to take the boys along for a look.
  • Has a crib, mattress, and room!


  1. I used to throw up on the doorstep of the dentist every time. Then of course the dentist wouldn’t work on me. It was stress. I was deathly afraid of the dentist. My father fixed this by taking me fishing with the dentist. They were big pals and fished together for years. After seeing the man in an unthreatening way I was much better with a trip to the dentist.

    1. I’ve heard of dogs knowing they’re going to the vet and conspiring to embarrass their owners, but kids?!
      It’s good your dad took you with the dentist. It strikes me that as medicine become more impersonal, this would be something that wouldn’t happen anymore…

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