Wrap Up and Preview

So, to wrap up some information from last month:

Patrick took the boys skiing in Virginia. Seamus was able to make it down the big hill, but Gilbert stayed on the bunny slope most of the day. They loved it, but they were so beat afterwards that they could barely walk. Our neighbor saw Patrick carrying in his skis and he offered him a pair of kid’s skis that are just perfect for Seamus. I found some helmets for them, and now they are ready to go again, whenever we get some more snow!

Bryce Mountain
Bryce Mountain

Then we had our last Kennedy Center performance, Oliverio!, which was fantastic! We were in the fourth row, and the boys both remarked how much more they liked the musical than the opera or the symphony. Go figure. The musicians were great, right up on stage with the actors, who brought a lot of energy to the performance. Gilbert was interested most when Sykes tries to kill Nancy (in this version she lives), and Seamus liked the reimagined Artful Dodger who dreams of being a soccer player and scoring a GOOOAAL! The usher thought they were so cute in their suits that she brought them booster seats so they could see better. We will definitely do the family series again. It was worth every penny to experience these moments in the theater with them.

I’m headed to the Bahamas on Saturday to work a little and visit a friend. Seamus and Gilbert are my partners in crime. They don’t have school Monday or Tuesday. I was a little concerned with the Zika virus stuff, but it’s not in the Bahamas, and I asked my doctor, who has plenty of experience with all kinds of medicine, and he said, “Go! Have fun. Don’t go to Miami.” Off we go! We will miss Patrick and Porter, but they’ll have their own kind of fun together.


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  1. Most people like musicals more than either opera or the symphony. Evidence: Musicals do well in customer supported theaters while opera and the symphony need government support to survive.

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