Another Snow Day, Another Post

I put another assignment up for my students this morning. I would not like to teach online regularly, but it is convenient for days when we have to miss and we still have important items to cover. I try to give an assignment roughly equivalent, time-wise, to being in class, but the benefit of this is that even my quiet students have to weigh in, and I get to know everyone a little better.

The boys weren’t too keen on going out in the snow this morning, but they came around and enjoyed themselves while Patrick dug out the other car, and I kept Porter from running into the street. The little guy is fast, and the snow piles hide him from view. (To J & G: Thank You for the amazing blue marshmallow snowsuit! It has made Porter’s first snow experience one he can truly enjoy.)

So, as I mentioned they camped out:

Alaska's got nothing on this!
Alaska’s got nothing on this!

And one of Patrick’s friends said, “They’ll either hate this stuff or they’ll be the next Edmund Hillary.” We laughed. Then, we realized that they had commandeered our trekking poles.

Today, as we were outside, Seamus and Gilbert took a departure from the endless playing of Star Wars to playing mountaineers. (Or as they called it, Mountain Explorers.)

Climbing mountains of snow.
Climbing mountains of snow.

They tromped all over the front and back yards, climbed the snow piles and talked about being in the Himalayas. They at one point were discussing what they would make in a day as an explorer, and decided they would be paid $51.65 each. If they found two interesting things in their explorations they might get a bonus. Seamus came up with, “Then we can give speeches and charge people $3 each to come hear the speeches. But they have to be good speeches so the people don’t want their money back.” And on and on. They were body sliding down the snow pile (or “Falling off the mountain”) and we were well entertained (but trying not to show it) by their antics.

Porter valiantly trekked along behind them where he could, ditching his mittens when he realized Gilbert had ditched his. After touching the snow a few times, he understood why he was wearing them in the first place. Porter has become proficient with some new vocabulary after having the older boys home for several days. He now says, “Hi!” all the time. “NO” “Yeah” “Eat” and our favorite, “Bubba.” He also continues to yell “Dada” whenever I ask him to say “Mama” so he’s got a streak. Also, he got so mad at me today when I brought him in from outside to eat lunch. He glowered at me over his grilled cheese, but once I gave him some ketchup to dip it in, all was forgiven.

And that’s what we’ve been up to. School’s out again tomorrow!


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