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Star Wars January 7, 2016

I am bewildered at how much Seamus and Gilbert seem to know about Star Wars, despite the fact that they have never seen any of the movies. I’m also surprised at how much they want the stuff that goes along with Star Wars.

I guess I’m not complaining that much, because they received Star Wars Legos for Christmas, and they played with them together for 4-8 hours a day for 4 days of the break. They did not want to leave the house, so enthralled with their game were they.

I do think it’s a bit strange the pull that this commercial franchise has over them. Seamus pores over the Star Wars books (that yes, I did get these for them at the thrift store) and I think, but I’m not positive, that these books are motivating him to read in a way that I don’t. His favorite book is the Star Wars Head to Head book with “match-ups you’ve never seen!” There’s a fair amount of quantitative data to mine in this book, which Seamus does diligently. Gilbert spends a lot of time looking at the pictures and decoding the words.

Their cousin gave them a book on how to speak Wookie, and another book on how to speak Droid. They’ve been practicing. I don’t even try to follow this.

Finally, I made a mistake and suggested that their grandfather could take them to see the movie. Then I found out that the movie is PG-13. Then I found out that it scared the pants off of multiple kids we know. Then I found out that they were really eager to go. Now I have already told them that it’s not going to be possible, and I’ll need to give the mea culpa to their grandfather, because I messed up. I think I’m just not used to checking ratings. I never go see movies anymore!

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater. I remember the Ewoks. However, I don’t think I saw the movies for real until I was 9 or 10. My aunt would know. She showed them to me. Her favorite story is how confused I was that the bad guys were wearing white. Thanks, Hollywood! That’s kind of my favorite story too…as the these things go.


3 Responses to “Star Wars”

  1. Linda St Clair Says:

    I saw the new movie and then a few days later driving down the street I saw one of those squarish cars parked on the street (maybe a Kia Soul?); anyway, my first thought was “a storm trooper car!” It had that hard white look of storm troopers.

  2. Phoebe Southwood Says:

    Leaf is the same way – knows sooo much about Star Wars, and we’ve only looked at a Lego book about it. School mates know a great deal about it, and tell it to Leaf and other kids as stories and in play. Have you seen the Paw Patrol stuff? I believe these things are designed like junk food to be appealing and in some way addictive. It’s all merchandising. The movies and the stuff is all simply to be sold. Drives me kind of bonkers! Good luck!

    • leighj Says:

      Yes, all designed to complement each other and sell more–Legos, figures, bedding, whatever. At least they will look at the books for hours!

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