Making Space for Baby

It’s no secret that we do like the Konmari approach to tidying and decluttering of one’s space. It’s hard when the holiday means that there will be new stuff that we want to use and keep for awhile. (I also have bags of clothes that fit me regularly in the attic, but I have drawers full of maternity clothes right now, neither of which is it really practical to get rid of at the moment.) I’ve actually been working on this with photos too. I’ve been deleting photos when I take them if they’re blurry or not good; that way, later I don’t have to work so hard to figure out which one was the good one. This is a little depressing, because so often, when shooting the kids, none of the photos are the good one. Someone is always moving. Or making a weird face. Or looking away. Or scowling. Well. I’m off topic.

Anyway, the house. When the baby comes, we’re going to move Porter in with Seamus and Gilbert, at least for 8-12 months while new baby figures out how to sleep as part of a family. Porter’s still figuring it out sometimes. But so is Gilbert, if Seamus’s reports of him kicking his bed are to be trusted…I think Porter’s dresser will have to stay in the baby room, unless I figure something else out. We do have an abundance of dressers. Five people; seven dressers. Our friends who recently had a baby had to buy a new dresser because they only had two for four people! I was floored.

We added a cubby for Porter, so that he can start learning to put his shoes and jacket away. He’s been doing this somewhat consistently, but we thought we could reinforce it by giving him his own space. He is getting more independent. So far, he prefers to eat with his own utensils, and I have to recommend the munchkin 360 degrees cup. Porter can drink from a cup without a lid, if it’s not too full, because he’s been practicing with this sippy cup.

Mostly we don’t have that much work to do. We have to move Porter’s crib, because the new baby is getting the mini-crib for awhile. We added shelves to Porter’s room because it is a dumping ground for stuff that doesn’t have a home. Now at least the stuff is on shelves instead of in a pile on the floor. I got down the newborn clothes and diapers. I’ll need to order a mattress for the mini-crib, and I want a NuRoo, because the one I had with Porter I passed on to someone. That thing was dead useful though. I’m sure there are surprises in store, but it will be an adventure.

I have a few other adventures first though, so baby can hang out until mid-March.


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