Family Resolutions

We spent a very quiet New Year’s Eve. The kids were in bed by 7:30, and Patrick and I followed relatively quickly. The fireworks woke us briefly, but it was so much better than Christmas Eve when Porter was miserable. (By the way, that virus is ick. He still has tight, chapped skin around his mouth, but he is 100% better.)

For dinner, we had succotash and hot dogs. I’m not sure that’s leading to a prosperous new year, but at least no one was hungry or complaining too much. As Seamus is a big fan of going around a table and everyone saying something, we decided to do resolutions this way. They already knew what the word meant, so we just clarified a bit by saying that generally you say you want to do more of something or less of something or keep doing the same something.

Patrick and I have been talking about our priorities a lot following the time off with the kids. We’ve know we want to do more Family Adventures with them, especially now that they can ride in space and comfort, so we’ve been brainstorming day trips that would be fun. We used to do this a lot more when we first moved here–see the posts from 2011 and 2012 if you don’t believe me–but we’ve fallen into a rut of being at home and limiting our outings to social engagements. We’re going to refocus on getting out together as a family. To that end, we took a walk at Huntley Meadows park, which was awesome and yielded some family gold. (Gilbert’s near miss with Porter’s stoller, Seamus’s intense reading of the map, the echoes they were making, the time on the boardwalk spotting minnows and geese). Luckily the weather had been nice, so we were inclined to get out.

Our resolutions were more family adventure, more camping, less annoyance, more champagne, and keeps menu planning. Seamus wants more trips, more math, less screentime, more showers, and more Lego time. Gilbert wants more water drinking, more playing with Porter, fewer tantrums, and more candles. Porter watched and listened with interest, but he didn’t have much to add.


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