A Lot of Exciting Things

  1. Porter says many new things, and some old things. I’m going to try to write them all here. Ball, Nana (banana), Mo, No, Yeah, Cheee (Cheese), Dada, Mama, Byebye, nose, NiNi (Night night). He isn’t super consistent on talking because he really prefers to point and grunt, and have you guess. But it’s awfully cute when you ask if he wants to go for a walk, or to the park, and he grabs his shoes, says “yeah” and heads for the door.
  2. Porter is into physical comedy. He does the same thing Gilbert used to do where he tripods his head down and gets close to doing a headstand. He flops over backward for a laugh. He grabs his ears and flaps his arms when you ask him where his ears are. He grabs your nose when you ask where a nose is. He howls with laughter when the boys play with him. He’s still into Peek-a-boo, but he likes to control that game.
  3. We had parent teacher conferences. We’ve made a renewed effort at reading with Seamus, and I’m ashamed to admit this on two fronts, but I will. After spending three nights giving Seamus 15 minutes of my undivided attention, he is already reading much more fluently and confidently. I’m embarrassed because it means I really wasn’t carving out the time to pay attention to his needs, and because I read for a living, and how can I neglect my son’s progress?!
  4. Both Seamus and Gilbert ask a lot of questions in class. The teacher nicely termed that “natural inquirer.” I’m glad they’re working on their understandings of the world, but perhaps it would be better if they weren’t so adamant. I told Seamus he could start reading more mature books when he had a more mature brain. I tried to explain that he would need to know how to think about questions like, what happens after you die? He had a very reductionist answer.
  5. Gilbert is a social animal. However, he must pay better attention to his teachers than he does to us. He believes in his arts and crafting work. It does explain why he’s pretty tired and grumpy after school. He’s been working really hard to keep himself focused and under control.
  6. Seamus and Gilbert both wrote little stories at school about their mini derby bike, that they play with at home in the back yard. It’s fun to get a window into their thoughts through their writings.
  7. And…we found out that the baby due in March is…a…boy! We’re excited for a houseful of boys!


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