Fall Break

We spent fall break in Kentucky. I’m going to go quickly, because it was a quick trip!

  • I now know how painful it is to fly with stuffed up ears. I don’t think I fully appreciated that, since I haven’t done it in a while. Ouch!
  • Porter learned to say, “Mo Pie!” He was a fan of the pumpkin pie.
  • Seamus speaks truth, even if it’s something one doesn’t want to hear. We’re working on keeping it from being embarrassing.
  • The park was fun to play on, but depressing from a people watching standpoint. People just sat in their cars while they made their kids get out and play.
  • Gilbert enjoyed a lot of projects–gardening, chopping wood, setting a mailbox.
  • Gilbert took all the rest of the stickers for the address and put them on the bucket of tools.
  • My mom and I had fun working on Halloween costumes for the boys. M&Ms! We didn’t quite get finished, but I’m hoping they will have a great time on Halloween. I’ll put up another post on them later.
  • This year I have seen four of the friends I had from my time at WKU! That’s exciting, since I haven’t seen many of them in years. One in Baton Rouge, one in KY, one just moved to Nashville, and one had a conference in DC.
  • I tried to go for a walk with Porter, Seamus, and my mom, but Porter started squirming, so I came back to the house. Seamus continued and, I think, talked her ear off.
  • My brother came and hung out with the boys. They love hanging out with him.
  • Seamus carried Charlie around, and even had Charlie sleep with him one night. Seamus really wants a cat.
  • Porter kept finding balls to play with. He really gets a lot of mileage out of his command of that word. He’s also developed a love for reading, and will select a book, come over, open up your hand, and place his book of choice in your hand!

It strikes me that the older the kids get, the more obvious it is that we are raising city kids. (Now when I mentioned this to my friend at work, so remarked that we are raising suburban kids, since her kids actually live in the city. I figure, when you live in a small town in Kentucky, Falls Church is a city.) They just don’t know that much about the country.


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