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Porter’s Progress October 5, 2015

Filed under: Family Life,Growing up,Third Baby — leighj @ 11:28 am

Porter just doesn’t talk as much as Gilbert did. I think we thought how much Gilbert talked was normal, but I think he might have just been a big talker. So we’ve been sort of waiting for Porter to say more. He’s really moving on it now though. He says ball, book, more, hi, ch (I think that’s cheese), and moo, baa, lalala. And he’s had Mama and Dada down for a while, as those are the most important words for him.

Lately, he’s also been giving us signs that he understands what we’re saying. Last night, Patrick’s phone beeped, and as I was sitting next to it, I handed it to Porter with the instructions, “Take the phone to Dada.” He looked very serious about his task. He negotiated all the toys strewn around the living room floor to deliver the phone. This morning, I said, “How about a snack?” and he headed down the hallway straight to his high chair and made signs to get up in it. We know that he’s firing up his brain now.

He’s a pretty fun baby to be around, and I’m almost done with weaning him. He’s down to one session a day, right before bed, and he doesn’t seem to miss the other times that he used to nurse, as long as he’s presented wit breakfast or a snack before nap time. I guess he has to grow up a little to make room for another baby, but he sure is fun to have around.


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